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1.We use high-speed mobile phone cleaning lubricating oil or lubricating oil cleaning quality good lubrication and maintenance two times a day, at noon time, at once. If the continuous use of more than 30 minutes, in the course of treatment should be to choose the appropriate time for cleaning and oiling. Such as high temperature and high pressure sterilization, cleaning must be thoroughly cleaning and maintenance

2.From the back end of the dental handpiece at the end of the gas, until the head part of the oil mist spray can (about 2-3 seconds)

3.All high-speed dental handpiece, bending the phone with a bearing device, if not regular maintenance of lubrication will become the main cause of the failure of the handpiece early

4.Do not use oxidation potential water (strong acid water) or disinfectant cleaning dental handpiece, will cause the handpece early failure

5.The use of high temperature and high pressure method of disinfection of dental handpiece. Must be cleaned before disinfection.

6.Press the dental handpiece in the use of needle, the bur part weekly cleaning lubricating oil lubrication and maintenance, removal of chuck dirt residues, such as cleaning will cause the fault is not tightly clamped car needle.

7.Dental handpiece air pressure range, high speed: 0.2-0.3Mpa; low speed: 3.0-3.5Mpa, do not overload. The air pressure is too high to make the bearing damage or the needle breakage.

8.Air pressure to be used after drying

9.Regularly check the compressor and filter, for a certain maintenance

10.For different working diameter of the bur, please pay attention to the corresponding speed, or will accelerate the damage of the bearing.



1.After each use, please ensure that the dust particles will be returned to the dental handpiece to clean and clean, to avoid causing damage to the bearings.

2.Just repaired the dental handpiece before use, please open the handpiece cover, remove the axis with a paper towel nose bag, cleaning oil will remain in the gas path of dust particles clean, mounted on the axle and rear cover, be cleaned after use.