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Q:Dental handpiece are easy to fall off the needle,how to do?


The needle too loose, easy to fall off from the following four aspects to start dealing with.

1.Select the needle, must be allowed to confirm the needle speed range specified by the manufacturer, or when the cutting load is greater than the grip force when the needle is easy to fall off.

2.The mini head should use a short handle car needle, fitted with a long handle of the car when the car is easy to fall off.

3.Can not use the wear and tear of the bur, bending the bur, the lack of cutting edge of the bur, otherwise it will affect the durability of the bearing.

4.Bur must be drawn after the installation of the needle, to confirm that it really has been installed firmly, if not inserted deep into the plug too shallow, will cause the bur to fly out of danger.