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Dental handpiece work in different ways according to the bearing, divided into ball bearing and air bearing two types.

The ball bearing type high speed handpiece is mainly composed of a machine head, a handle and a handpiece joint.

1.Internal structure of head

Vortex core rotor is the core component of the nose, which consists of bearings, wind wheel and the combination of mandrel, the nose is the upper and lower two miniature bearings, bearing pad outside the O-ring rubber to keep the bur in the tell Rotation of the radial and axial concentricity, and reduce operating noise and reduce vibration.

2.Clamping mode of vehicle bur

The head holding bur in a variety of ways, with the early spring type pins, bow type reed is 3 pieces of uniform division of the inner mandrel. The car bur handle is inserted into the spring force and deformation, holding the needle handle.

Now use screw type and pressing type needle clamping mode, the dental handpiece has the clamping sleeve valve three and an elastic clamp, clamp is a hammer shaped, is provided with three axial slots, four angle wrench or press the top spring open or lock clamp clamping bur.

3.Spray structure

The rear part of the turbine has a water pipe and a gas pipe, and the water and the air are mixed in the outlet of the head, and a mist is sprayed out from the spray hole.

4.Dental handpiece connector

    Dental handpiece connector and handpiece connector is host output hose, push the handpiece rotating wind wheel driving force flow and generate atomization airflow, the main hole, respectively through the line and into the handpiece joint branch hole, hole through the handpiece. There are two kinds of connections between handpiece and handpiece connector: a dental handpiece connector with fixed lock nut, the other with a fast joint.