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JINME Agents’s Engineer Training Successfully Completed

Push time: From:JM Markting Department

In order to provide JINME agents,distributors  with the most professional services, JINME  provides training to agents  and distributors’s engineers every year. To achieve a unified and professional service, In November ,2019, engineers from all over country  training carried out under the active cooperation of all agents and distributors . The  engineers gathered at the JINME headquarters.  Through learning, communication, discussion , practice, they have improved their skills to a higher level and have prepared to provide our customers with better and more professional services. After three days of study, engineers had a Graduating examination to inspect results,everyone got  a good result in the final examination. Visiting equipment Explained  thetheoretical knowledge Practice repair  ability Through this training, we have deepened thetheoretical knowledge, trained the practice ability, standardized the service process, improved the quality of JINME after-sales service to a new level! Finally, we would like to thank all of you for your open-minded study and active cooperation.  Let's make our work better!